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Wednesday, 23rd May

09:30   Keynote speech
    Globalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry: Impact on Investors and Entrepreneurs
    James W. Larrick Founder, Managing Director, Scientific Director (Panorama Research Institute, USA)
10:00   Bioforum programme
13:30   Multidimensional challenges in drug discovery
    Petr Kocis, President & CEO (Biopharmatica, USA)
13:55   The value of innovation, Focus areas of Biogen Idec
    Rick Munchaler, Vice-president (Biogen Idec, USA)
14:20   Research and Development applied to Biotechnology in Central and European countries – The Amgen experience
    Dr Jacek Nowak, Executive Medical Director CEE at Amgen CEE Head Office
14:50   Bioforum programme

 Thursday, 24th May 2012

09:30   Bioforum programme
10:55   Recent development in the biotechnology environment: a manufacturer perspective
    Tom Moore, Corporate Affairs Director at Amgen GmbH
11:20   Bioforum programme
14:35   How to succeed in Silicone Valley - CANCELLED
    Alexander K. Khairkhahan, COO, Middle Peak Medical, USA
15:15   Keynote speech
    to be announced
    Magda Chlebus, Director Science Policy (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations)
15:40   Bioforum programme

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