Pervasive and trusted network and service infrastructure

The 'Future Internet' is emerging globally as a federating research theme. The current Internet architecture was not designed to cope with the wide variety, and the ever growing number of networked applications, business models, edge devices, networks and environments that it has now to support. Its structural limitations in terms of scalability, mobility, flexibility, security, trust and robustness of networks and services are increasingly being recognised world-wide. The challenge is to comprehensively and consistently address the multiple facets of a Future Internet, with energy efficiency also appearing as an important societal concern. Clean slate or evolutionary approaches or a mix of those can be equally considered.

The Future of the Internet - a federating theme for activities on future networks, software and service architectures, networked media systems and the internet of things. Read more...

Timetable for calls related to ICT Challenge 1

Objective Publication date Closure date Budget (M€) Funding scheme
1. The network of the future 31/07/09 03/11/09 80 CP,NoE,CSA
2. Internet of services, software & virtualisation 31/07/09 03/11/09 110 CP,CSA
3. Internet of things and enterprise environments 31/07/09 03/11/09 37 CP,CSA
4. Trustworthy ICT 31/07/09 03/11/09 90 CP,NoE,CSA
6. Future internet experimental facility &experimentally- driven research
31/07/09 03/11/09 50 CP,CSA

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