ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency

Europe's transport systems have to meet society's social and economic needs and satisfy the mobility needs of its citizens in an efficient and safe manner. Due to increasing demand for transport services Europe faces today more congestion, high consumption of energy, pollutant emissions, and - above all - accidents causing over 40 000 fatalities each year. Their combined effect could lead in the worst case to a loss of 4% of GDP, and the 2010 goal of 50% reduction in road fatalities will not be achieved without new effective countermeasures.

An increasing demand for natural resources leads to rising waste volumes, degraded environment, higher risk exposure to diverse pollutants, more frequent disasters and negative impacts on citizens' health. The number of natural and industrial disasters has doubled in one decade, killing 500 000 people and causing more than € 600 billion of damage between 1990 and 1999. Read more...

Timetable for calls related to ICT Challenge 6

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2. ICT for Mobility of the Future

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