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The share of embedded electronics in the value of products ranging from children's toys to car engines is around 20 to 40%. Europe is currently the leader in intelligent electronics for a number of industries including automotive, avionics, telecoms, mobile communications, health and industrial automation. European firms also figure among the top semiconductor manufacturers. In addition equipment companies and Europe enjoys leading positions in emerging markets for photonics, plastic electronics, flexible displays, integrated micro/nanosystems and embedded systems. Read more...

Timetable for calls related to ICT Challenge 3

Objective Publication date Closure date Budget (M€) Funding scheme
1. Nanoelectric Technology
03/11/09 35 CP,NoE,CSA
5. Engineering of Networked Monitoring and Control Systems 31/07/09 03/11/09 32 CP,NoE,CSA
7. Photonics 31/07/09 03/11/09 50 CP,CSA
9. Microsystems and Smart Miniaturised Systems
31/07/09 03/11/09 80 CP,CSA

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