Cognitive systems, interaction and robotics

Providing the next generations of ICT systems and products with more intelligence will open the door to a wide range of opportunities for ICT-based applications in a range of sectors.

ICT systems - including robot and robotic systems - need to be more robust, context-aware and easy-to-use. Endowing them with advanced learning, cognitive and reasoning capabilities will help facilitate this. Such capabilities should help them adapt to changing situations as well as to user needs and preferences. They should also help them to carry out tasks intelligently with people, and in the service of people, for example as assistants in the workplace, as home companions and servants, or as automatic agents for security. Read more...

Timetable for calls related to ICT Challenge 2

Objective Publication date Closure date Budget (M€) Funding scheme
1. Cognitive systems and robotics
80 CP,CSA (CA only)

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